Victrix Armaments


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.375 CT (1/8)
.408 CT (1/10)


13.8 kg (30.42 lb) with muzzle brake, barrel length 38” and no scope

Closed overall length: 1421 mm (55.95”)
Open overall length: 1681 mm (66.18”)
With muzzle brake and barrel length 38”

Bartlein lapped rifled barrel in AISI 416R with stainless steel finish
High-strength monobloc chassis in light alloy
Buttstock with a horizontal and vertical adjustment, and an insulated cheek piece
High-strength EVO folding system in light alloy
Ergonomic and interchangeable grip with palm shelf
45 MoA action rail in special steel
Anschutz-type bottom rail for mounting a bipod
Victrix ProAngle detachable muzzle brake featuring 5 forward-canted chambers
Single-shot action in AISI 420 worked out from billet with bolt with 3 symmetric lugs: first lug at the bottom of the cylinder in vertical position (at 6 o’clock), two side lugs arranged at an angle of 120 degree, dirt/ice grooves integral
Polished PVD finish on the action and on the bolt
Victrix Sporting Plus trigger with two positions top safety, standard setting approx. 500 gr (17.64 oz) and gold finish on the trigger lever 
Protective thread cover ring
Protective bag for a safe transport
Explorer case for transport with military specifications cod. 13513
User manual and welcome kit