NZ Fibre-X 60kg Rollered DBB Chair Rod

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NZ Fibre-X 60kg Fully Rollered Detachable BENT Butt (DBB) Chair Rod.

Kilwell Fibre-X 60kg game fishing rod, features a lightweight blank, designed and manufactured in New Zealand.
The blank is built using Triaxial carbon cloth incorporating Xantu Nano fibre plus nano particle resins giving the rod
a dramatic increase in flexural lifting power without increasing weight to the rod.

The Xantu material acts as a barrier against fracturing when the resin and carbon reach breaking point,
effectively increasing the strength of the blank, and reduces the chance of blank breakage
caused by anglers "high sticking" the rod.

This rod is hand assembled in Rotorua using;
* Tri-axial carbon 60kg parabolic chair blank incorporating Xantu.Layer nano-technology
* Black Aftco Super Heavy Duty guides and tip-top
* Detachable ALPS black aluminium BENT butt
* Ethylene Vinyl Acetate EVA foregrips
* Underbound and overbound guides
* Overall Length: 2.30m