17 HMR CCI TNT Varmint, 17 GR

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Get match-grade accuracy and maximum lethality on varmints with CCI TNT. The 17 HMR load offers a flat trajectory and explosive expansion on impact, as well as reliable CCI priming and brass.



• Explosive expansion on impact

• Accurate at long ranges

• Proven bullet design

• Minimal mid-range rise


• Caliber: .17HMR

• Bullet Weight: 17 grain

• Bullet Style: Jacketed Hollow Point

• Muzzle Velocity: 2550 fps

• Ballistic Coefficient: .100

• Packet Quantity: 50 rounds

• Brick Quantity: 500 rounds


CCI also make rimfire ammo for other leading manufacturers like Remington, Federal, Winchester and Hornady.