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GPO Range Guide 2800, 10x50 LRF Binocular

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Rangefinding binoculars are the future, and GPO is proud to enter this category with one of the best performance products every created. The RANGEGUIDE 10×50 combines spectacular optical quality and modern electronic rangefinding technology in a single compact 10×50 rangefinding binocular. The 50mm objective lenses coupled with the GPObright™ high-transmission lens coatings make this product exceptionally bright in low light, while the magnesium body and armor coatings make it tough enough to use in any outdoor environment. If you need to see your game, and know the distance in all hunting environments, the GPO RANGEGUIDE 10×50 is your winning ticket.

Over 3,000 yard ranging capability
True-range angle technology calculate the proper distance to your target
Measures the angle of your target
Scan mode provides three readings per second
Temperature reading to assist your shot placement
OLED display with nine adjustable brightness levels
Extremely small and compact
GPObright lens coating technology.
Included accessories

Neoprene strap
Microfiber cleaning cloth
Hard case