Winchester 22LR Zimmer 29gr Solid 770fps *Choose Quantity*

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This ammo is awesome, ideal for shooting in areas where you want to restrict the range. It has reduced power yet a full length long rifle case. It has less energy than 22 shorts, yet feed much more reliable than shorts and does no carbon up the chamber like shorts.

It is as quiet as a mouse and is even relatively quiet without a silencer. It is ideal for shooting very small game and for target shooting at close range. This turns your 22 rifle into a very high powered air rifle in effect. Remember that 22 projectiles can ricochet, keep you firing range safe.

The quietest 22 ammo you can buy with a full 22 Long Rifle case. This is your last opportunity to purchase the uniquely Australian made Zimmer round. We purchased the full remaining stocks of the former South Island agent for Winchester. This round is deadly quiet. The sound of the firing pin is the loudest noise you hear when firing through a good silencer. Travelling at less than 900 ft per second, this is the slowest and least powerful cartridge you can load into a 22 rifle magazine. This cartridge gives you velocities and energies similar to a high powered air rifle, yet allows you to use a repeater and the repeating scope and action of your 22 will not function. This round does not have enough energy to function a semi auto but can be used in a semi auto provided you cock it manually.