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A rifle that fits like a glove. T3x compact is an adjustable rifle that adapts to its user. This rifle has a 12.5” length of pull, creating ideal ergonomics for shooters who struggle with long stocks. It is suitable for long term use, as you may adjust the length of pull according to your needs – making it especially valuable for young shooters as they are able to adjust it with the years. The Lite Compact model features a black synthetic stock, blued barrel and receiver, detachable magazine and it only weighs 6.6lbs. They also come with a 1 inch spacer kit to increase length of pull if needed.

The Tikka T3x is the next generation of the renowned T3 rifle. These new T3x rifles are built to the same standards that so many have come to rely on from the original T3, and continue to boast a hammer forged barrel, sturdy stocks, and smooth bolt actions. They still offer a 3-shot sub-MOA accuracy guarantee right out of the box, and will continue to represent the great value of the Tikka rifle line.

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