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Swift Medium/Big Game Scirocco .270 Win Ammunition 20 Rounds 130 Grain Scirocco II Polymer Tip BT 3151fps

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For more than three decades Swift has been producing top quality ammunition and ammo components for precision shooters and hunters world wide.
The Scirocco II is a copper jacketed boat tail design with a bonded core and ballistic tip. Engineered for long range efficiency, the Scirocco II and its signature black tip are easily recognized. Known for superb accuracy it carries velocity and energy better than any other bullet in its class. The sleek design with a high ballistic coefficient gives it the flattest trajectory possible making it an excellent choice for long range competition or hunting wary hard to reach game. Its polymer ballistic tip produces positive controlled expansion at the slowest velocities, while maintaining high weight retention for maximum knock down power even at close range. No other round can produce the range and terminal ballistics of the Scirocco II. Make sure you have Swift Medium/Big Game Scirocco in your hunting pack this season!

Swift Bullet Company Medium/Big Game Scirocco 10036
.270 Winchester
Scirocco II Bullet Design
Polymer Tip Boat Tail
130 Grains
Brass Casing