7mm Cal 50x 120 gr

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At Nosler® our bullets are designed specifically to perform an intended task. We personally test our bullets on the range and in the field to insure that they will perform as designed. Over sixty years ago, John A. Nosler designed the Partition® hunting bullet to combine rapid, yet controlled expansion with deep, bone-breaking penetration. Today, the Partition® bullet still sets the standard for hunting bullet performance. With the advent of modern bonding technology, we have combined all the game killing terminal performance of the Partition® with the ballistic coefficient boosting polymer tip and boattail base of the Ballistic Tip® to create the Accubond® bullet. Our new E-Tip® takes tipped monolithic bullet technology to the next level with solid gilding metal construction and our exclusive E 2 Cavity™ for the perfect blend of controlled expansion, weight retention, and deep penetration. Our Custom Competition™ bullets are built on dedicated machinery that is held to the tightest possible tolerances to insure absolute consistency and match-winning accuracy bullet after bullet. Our varmint bullets, both Ballistic Tip® and Ballistic Tip Lead Free™, are designed for precision accuracy and explosive expansion. If you pursue dangerous game, our Nosler Solid™ bullet line is designed to do one thing, penetrate. Made from homogenous, lead-free alloy, our Solids feature wide, flat meplats for bone crunching, straight line penetration and unmatched stopping power. Designed specifically to perform as a partner to the Partition®, both bullets will shoot to the same point of aim when loaded to the same velocity in the same caliber and weight. Our Sporting Handgun™ bullet line, both pistol and revolver, is designed to provide the perfect combination of accuracy and terminal performance. No matter what your game or competition, Nosler® makes the perfect bullet for you.