Breeze Tee

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This much requested garment is made from our fantastic Cooldry material. The Ridgeline Breeze Tee:

  • Wicks moisture away from the body
  • Is remarkably smell-proof
  • Is lightweight
  • Is breathable
  • Has surprising windstopping abilities
  • Is easy-care with no shrinkage or fading
  • Works equally well as a base or top layer
The Ridgline Breeze Tee has been made to look good, with black highlighted side/arm panels & sleeve ends - as well as perform! 
Wear one and you'll not want to take it off!


 Made of Ridgeline Cooldry Fabric:

A revolutionary design created from a lightweight, moisture-wicking 100% polyester fibre, 145gsm. Lightweight and breathable, this fabric wicks away moisture from your body to leave you dry and comfortable. Perfect as an outer layer for warm conditions or internal base layer for colder weather. Very easy care. No shrinkage, no fading.