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ICU Cam, Trail Camera 4G

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The market benchmark for the hunting ground. The icucam4 Trail Camera captures each and every breathtaking wildlife moment and immediately sends the photos to you mobile phone and computer. 

With the latest chip generation with 480 MHZ CPU now allows FullHD video recording and integrated image correction to make your favorite tool even better.

The icucam4 Trail Camera is the perfect fit. For the best photo from the forest it is often necessary to adjust the game camera to the conditions. The new infrared flash of icucam 4 illuminates up to 40 meters. (131 feet) Together with a longer exposure time, even long shots can be realized. For smaller places it is not necessary to illuminate fully. With a short flash and a low shutter speed you get super sharp pictures.

With a new larger screen and excellent resolution the icucam4 offers better usability. And with backlit buttons, whether it's early in the morning or deep in the night, the icucam 4 with its backlighted buttons makes it easy to operate in the dark.

Key Features:
• Watch your territory from your cell phone: Observe your hunting territory from the comfort of your own home. Either on your cell phone, tablet or from your PC.
• Unpack and get started: Due to quick and easy installation icu cameras are immediately ready for use (SIM card included).
• Benefit from many years of experience: With field-tested night vision images you save yourself experiments and long periods of observation.

• 50° Lens: The camera has a 50 degree lens. This version with "normal" lens (50° lens), is ideal for hunting or for direct object monitoring.
• 0.3 seconds Trigger time: With a reaction time of 0.3 seconds, empty images caused by triggering too late are finally a thing of the past.
• 4G/lte reception: With fast 4G reception (LTE) you get the pictures within one minute on your cell phone or PC
• Videos in Full-HD: The camera records videos in FULL-HD and stores them on the existing SD card.
• Weatherproof: Working temperature of -25°C to 60°C, (-13°F to 140°F) Splash water and dust protected
• 52 infrared LED: 52 black light LEDs (940nm) provide an illuminated range of up to 40 meters. Invisible for humans and animals.
• Day and night: The camera automatically adjusts to the light fluctuations of the environment. Day in color - night in black and white through infrared images.
• Series pictures: Create a photo series of up to 9 images to better define the movements in front of the lens and save them on the SD card.
• Faster. Stronger. Sharpener: The iCATCH V33 - the heart of the icucam 4. The iCATCH V33 - the heart of the icucam 4The latest chip generation with 480 MHZ CPU now allows FullHD video recording and integrated image correction to make your favorite tool even better.
• Flexible energy supply: The use case: Quick use with standard AA batteries
• The power solution: Experience battery life of up to 2 months with the 18650 lithium-ion batteries. Environmentally friendly through rechargeability.

• Lens: f = 7.36mm F/NO: 2.8 FOV = 49°; auto IR-cut removal (nights); supports micro lenses; 450mm, CMOS: 5 MP
• Exposure Time: <0.25 s
• SD Card: max. 32kB
• Mode: Photo, video, dual
• Image Resolution/Format: 5 MP, 8 MP, 12 MP, / 4:3, 16:9
• Number of Images: 1-9
• Video Resolution/Length: 640 x 360, 1280 x720, 1920*180 / 5 s - 60 s
• Camera name: Freely selectable
• Trigger Interval: 1 s - 60 m
• Time Stamp: ON/OFF
• Work Time: ON/OFF
• Language: English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Dutch, Swedish, Polish
• Operating Temperature: -20° - 60°