Fiocchi 308 Perfecta 147gr Full Metal Jacket *20 Rounds

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Range day just got better! This 400 round case of premium PerFecta .308 Winchester ammunition is 147 grain, full metal jacket packed into a brass casings with a non-corrosive primer. Components are selected and balanced according to each powder lot, ensuring each round is precisely crafted for the ultimate accuracy and downrange performance.

In the US especially, the Fiocchi brand of ammunition is popular across many types of professional sport shooting such as clay target and 3-Gun competitions, and even Olympic competitions. Across the world, law enforcement and military agencies prefer Fiocchi branded ammunition for its premium quality and consistency.


• Caliber: .308 Winchester
• Category: Centerfire
• Bullet Type: Copper Full Metal Jacket, Lead Core
• Bullet Weight: 147 Grains
• Muzzle Velocity: 2723 fps
• Casing: Reloadable Brass
• Primer: Non-Corrosive Boxer
• Quantity: 400 Rounds
• Usage: Training, Range, Plinking