Fiocchi 270 Perfecta 130gr Soft Point *20 Rounds

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This rocksteady .270 Winchester ammo from Fiocchi's PerFecta brand is a solid choice for taking down game such as red and fallow deer and wild pigs! Each cartridge features a soft point projectile which is jacketed all the way around its lead body save for the frontal tip. This style of construction promotes wide expansion during entry into a game target which creates a large, free-bleeding wound cavity while also directing the bulk of the bullet's energy to vital areas. The expansion is slowed by a toothed cannelure in order to ensure that the bullet doesn't stop prematurely before defeating thick layers of hide and bone. 

The same cannelure acts as a gripping surface for the crimp of reloadable brass casing; this arrangement resists jostling and preserves accuracy under harsh recoil. At 130 grains, this projectile fits the medium profile for the .270 caliber for a balance between felt-recoil and terminal performance. PerFecta ammunition is manufactured in Italy using production methods that Fiocchi has been refining since 1876. The ammo is Boxer-primed and powered by clean-burning, non-caustic propellent.


• Calibre: .270 Winchester
• Bullet Type: Soft point
• Bullet Weight: 130 gr
• Muzzle Energy: 3187 J
• Muzzle Velocity: 2854fps
• Casing: Boxer-primed brass
• Quantity: 20 rounds (1 box), 100 rounds (5 boxes)