Sub-Sonic 22LR HP

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Handy plastic dispenser pack easily dispenses 5 rounds at a time without a problem

  • Bullet weight: 40 GR

Velocity, ft/sec MUZZLE50 YARDS75 YARDS100 YARDS1050963928897
Energy, ft-lbs MUZZLE50 YARDS75 YARDS100 YARDS98827772
Trajectory if sighted at 100 yards 25 YARDS50 YARDS75 YARDS100 YARDS2.

This CCI Subsonic uses a 40gr lead hollow point projectile with the muzzle velocity of 1050 fps.  The ammunition comes in 100 round plastic dispensing boxes allowing access to an easy 5 rounds or more, at a time.  This is the most popular choice amongst our staff when it comes to picking subsonic.  We have found no better ammunition for functioning reliably in the Ruger 10/22 rifles.