CCI/Speer Ammo .22CB Long 29gr

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For over half a century CCI has been producing the undeniably, undisputedly best small caliber rimfire ammunition in the world. With unparalleled quality and flawless performance, CCI has solidified their position at the very top of the rimfire market. Ask anyone that shoots small caliber rimfire which ammo is the best and you will find there is only one answer, CCI. CCI has literally set and established the industry standard that all of the other rimfire ammo manufacturers follow. Even after all these years, the others continue to follow, lagging far behind the innovative engineering and industry advancements of CCI. Pick up some CCI and see for yourself why this is the Best small caliber target and hunting ammunition that money can buy.

CCI CB is a smooth quite subsonic that is perfect for plinking and pest control. It's no louder than some pellet guns, making it ideal for practice or training. The conical ball projectile is perfectly capable of taking our small pests around the house, farm or ranch. Combine this with CCI's clean burning powders and Sur-fire primer, you have the absolute best affordably priced pest control and practice round on the market today. CCI CB 0038
.22 Long