A400 Unico 3.5 KO 12/28

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Beretta’s Xplor Unico incorporates all the advantages of the revolutionary A400 concept—low  profile action, light weight, lightning-fast follow-up shots, low recoil, easy maintenance—and combines them with the classic looks of blue steel and walnut stock. But even here, Beretta has an eye towards innovation, offering updated lines and checkering, as well as a contrasting-colour receiver. 

The A400 Xplor Unico defines performance and versatility in a semi auto. It has a gas-operated action that was built for speed, reliability and versatility, it will fire 4 shells in less than 1 second (of either steel or lead), giving you the fastest follow-up shots of any shotgun on the market. What is more, the A400 action is light and trim, making this shotgun’s balance, swing and pointability an absolute best in its class.

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