6.5x55 Sabatti

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This is a user-friendly yet precise and reliable rifle for selective hunting.
A rifle barrel with a longer life cycle that will be accurate longer than the average barrel on the market and a rifle that fits most scope mounts sold today.

The ROVER, among the range od deer hunting rifles is the bolt action rifle that made Sabatti famous.

Manual repeating bolt action rifle specifically designed for easier precision long range hunting and shooting also in extreme conditions.
Walnut stock checkered by hand and oil polished.
Rubber recoil pad.
The frames and bolts are entirely machined from solid bars of Ni-Cr steel for improved resistance to wear and corrosion.
They are subsequently heat treated to achieve maximum strength and durability over time.
Comes with Rover 2 piece picatinny rails entirely machined from solid bars of steel.
  • Excellent value for the money
  • Excellent precision
  • Very compact shot groups with minimal dispersion
  • Minimal shot migration on target even with very hot barrels
  • More durable barrels – less wear and, therefore, improved precision over time