357 Evil Roy Cattleman

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Made along the lines of the classic peacemaker-style revolver, like those used by the professional shootists of the Old West, Evil Roy Competition SA has features favored by renown SASS World Champion and SASS National Champion shooter Gene "Evil Roy" Pearcey. What sets this sixgun apart from other single actions are the wide square-notch rear sight and wide constant width front sight, along with slim checkered grips for a better and firmer hand fit.
Each Evil Roy six-shooter wears his SASS signature, roll engraved on the barrel.
With the Evil Roy, you'll have the tool to shoot like a champion!

The Evil Roy version of the Uberti Cattleman features a wide square notch rear and wide constant width front sight, slim grips hand checkered European walnut, lightened trigger and hammer springs, no creep trigger pull, and improved internals for reliability.
“Wicked Felina, Holy Terror and I have many thousands of cycles of dry and live fire through our prototypes with no failures. Our guns have been subject to more use in one year than the average shooter will have in a lifetime.” - Evil Roy -