308 Speer 165gr Grand Slam SP 50PK

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Speer 308 165gr Grand Slam SP

With a tapered, precision-drawn jacket and a long nose, the Grand Slam® bullet is engineered to blow through the thick hides, heavy bones and tough bodies of the world’s biggest game—without sacrificing accuracy. On impact, internal jacket flutes allow consistent expansion, yet the bullet retains most of its weight for deep penetration every time.


  • A tapered, precision-drawn jacket
  • Internal jacket flutes
  • Long nose profile for flatter trajectories
  • Exceptional accuracy



Caliber .308
Grain Weight 165
Bullet Style Grand Slam Soft Point
Ballistic Coefficient .393
Bullet Length In 1.080in. / 27.43mm
Sectional Density 0.248
Diameter In 0.31
Diameter Mm 7.82
Package Quantity 50
Usage Hunting