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270 Win Cases (20)

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Sellier & Bellot 243Win Brass 20

Sellier & Bellot brass is produced in the Czech Republic to the highest quality standards. This is the best value brass on the market right now. When it comes to sourcing quality components at the most competitive prices, reloaders unanimously agree that Sellier & Bellot is the only option! Now available in a variety of calibers.

Before loading, new, unprimed brass should always be resized. This brass has been factory annealed, which increases the life of the brass. As a result of the annealing process, the neck portion of the brass may be discolored until the case is cleaned. 

Additional Information:
 Brand: Sellier & Bellot
 Cartridge: 243 Winchester
 Finish: Brass
 Quantity: 20
 Country of Manufacturer: Czech Republic