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44 Rem Mag 240gr SP Sellier & Bellot (50rds)

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This .44 Remington Magnum ammunition from Sellier & Bellot is well-suited for self-defense, although it could also be used for hunting whitetails and other medium game animals when used in an appropriately chambered rifle. Each factory fresh cartridge is loaded with a 240 grain soft point projectile. These loads deliver massive terminal expansion that produces devastating damage in soft tissue. Leaving the muzzle at a velocity of 1181 feet per second, each round generates 743 foot pounds of muzzle energy. 

This ammunition is boxer primed, brass cased, and 100 percent reloadable. The bullet and primer is sealed with red lacquer for extra moisture protection. In addition, this ammo comes packed in oil resistant boxes to extend shelf life, making them the perfect long-term storage option.