Sellier & Bellot

Sellier & bellot 7 x 64 158gr HPC

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x57R Sellier & Bellot 158gr HPC

Cal: 7x57R

Brand: Sellier & Bellot

Maker’s Code: 2981

Quantity: 20

Bullet Weight: 158gr

Bullet Style: HPC SP

Velocity: not known

Case type: brass reloadable



This ammunition is to suit rifles chambered in 7x57R, the R meaning rimmed.  This is normally used in double rifles or single shot rifles, not normally in any bolt action.  

This is a common round used in Europe in such rifles.  There are a few rifles out here, mostly made by Valmet or Baikal or a few other European manufacturers.  

It can sometimes be a little difficult to get hold of, but this Sellier & Bellot ammo is a must have on our shelves.