JewelStik 10" X ½" Diamond Steel

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The JewelStik Diamond Sharpening Steel is the original oval shaped, two-sided diamond sharpener that professionals have been using for over 30 years. Now this gourmet diamond sharpening steel is available for purchase in the regular market - giving you access to one of the most efficient, well-balanced and easy to use sharpeners available!


The oval shaped steel helps you hold a good angle (generally from 18 to 22 degrees) on the edge of your knife. This allows you to sharpen more in a shorter amount of time than ordinary cylinder-shaped tools. The diamond surface is on both sides of the sharpener and all you need is a few swipes to produce a flawless, gap-free razor sharp edge that will last ages!


JewelStik Diamond Sharpening Steel Features:

Oval-shaped sharpening steel

Diamond-dust coated steel

Efficient, well-balanced and easy to use

Shape lets you hold a good angle for sharpening

Both sides of sharpener are diamond-coated


JewelStik Diamond Sharpening Steel Specifications:

Blade length: 10 inches long (25.4 cm)

Blade width: 1/2 inches (1.27cm)

Weight: 150g

Diamond grit: medium (600 Mesh)

Traditional black handle