Browning BXV .22-250 Rem 50gr VE (20)

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The Browning proprietary BXV Polymer Tip is designed specifically for use on coyotes, ground hogs, predators, varmints and small to medium game. This specially designed bullet provides for high velocity downrange and explosive expansion to deliver devastating energy on target. You can expect precision accuracy, rapid energy transfer and fantastic terminal ballistics to put down predators or varmints quickly and efficiently.

Calibre:                    22-250rem
Muzzle Velocity:        3800fps
Weight:                    50gr
Bullet Type:              Varmint Expansion
Ballistic Co Eff:         .242
Rounds Per Box:       20
Rounds Per Case:     200
At Distance:             100yds
Velocity:                  3348
Energy:                   1244lbs
Trajectory Short:      0.8
Trajectory Long:       0.8