Kelly Country

Shane Kelly


One day Shane was helping a mate paint his house on Ellis Street and he was amazed at how much traffic went past. Mostly 4x4's, and a number with a dog boxes on the back covered in mud with the spoils of that days hunting trip.

The idea that Brightwater would be a good place for a gun shop grew from there. As there was a empty section left and Shane was a builder he sold his house and set to it.

The concept was born out of what Shane would like to be able to do in a shop and also what he would like to look at even if he wasn't buying. The other considerations he took was security not only for the staff, but also for the community as firearms are not everyone’s choice and nor should it be.

Shane wanted to create a shop and or meeting area for all enthusiasts no matter their personal choice as he believes all shooting discipline’s are equal from tiddly winks to cannon fire.

So the main feature of the indoor testing tunnel was born as well as a dedicated archery range.

There are many areas of shooting sports that many more young people would be interested in if it was made available.

Shooting has given me a lot of good times over the years and it is the goal of Kelly Country to be able to give back to that same paternity.


The Team

Nigel Johnson

I've been a keen shooter for over 50 years - starting as "Starling Patrol" on the family farm with a 9mm shotgun and a .177 air rifle.

After moving to New Zealand I took up deer stalking with a .303 and small game with a .22 and a 12G. I became interested in muzzle-loaders, building my first at age 17.

Becoming involved with NZ Deerstalkers Assn lead to target shooting and hand loading; loading cartridges remains a passion to this day.

I've hunted with muzzle-loaders; shot for New Zealand at 3 world championship events with black powder; and was a New Zealand representative to the world muzzle-loading committee for a number of years. I still really enjoy black powder firearms.

I have been in the retail side of this industry for over 14 years and enjoy the interaction with customers making the sure their hunting and shooting needs are satisfied.